Tuesday, July 21, 2009

in answer your comment Anonymous

St Sebastian or St Rose maybe,not the shrine, the polyester sisters would have a fit, I asked questions about their crowding the sanctuary with chairs to make it into a adoration area and moving the priest (presenter) to a portable altar down in front of the pews, got the standard reply that the church is horizontal now instead of vertical, and all that jazz. Besides the area priests remind everyone that it is not a parish and the Saturday mass there does not count for obligation even though we all have used it for that purpose. We would be better off if the Mass counted for Sunday obligation and was held at a regular parish, even if the church does not have a communion rail. My two cents worth

My apologies to Sr Barbara, who is a wonderful person, but some of the other ones just bug me


Anonymous said...

Ahh very good point on the relic shrine! The sisters are great folks, but I often find myself asking how they can separate themselves from the museum that they have upstairs? I mean if the things they did back then were right then- they are right now.

More and more churches are adding masses in the extraordinary form. Would it be promptly shot down by the Dean? One would think that any church in this area that offered the TLM would draw a nice crowd as there no mass offered anywhere between Dayton and Toledo! It could really go a long way in helping a church keep its doors open...

the Egyptian said...

Ah but you forget, unless the new bishop is different, the only concern is that the money keeps flowing, the diocese gets a large amount of its money from the north, keep up the money and the churches stay open, its about the money not the faithful. To them any effort up here is a waste, I hope I am wrong, but I really don't think the diocese cares