Monday, December 29, 2008

More Home Church

those were the days, Communion Rail, High Altar, Cassock, Biretta, No " Table", Ties, Dresses, Veils, Lots of Candles, I still love that little country church, St Joesph in Egypt, I still think that it looked better then than now with the all white paint job, used to be shades of rose and gray and tan and painted to give the illusion of depth,

that's me third from left front row, sixth from left died when we were in High School, rest in piece old friend

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Pictures,

Here are some pictures from my parish, St John the Baptist in Maria Stein, Ohio.

The kid sitting in front of the nativity set is my son, Bobby the wonder kid, the future farmer,

Some day I hope to see a TLM at that majestic high altar, the nativity set covers the dull brass Tabernacle that was hacked into the St Joesph altar when Christ was shunted to the side years ago, at least at Christmas He is back front and center where he belongs