Thursday, March 18, 2010

I cry for them, they have fallen so far

I was truly saddened and dissapointed to find out that the MANAGEMENT TEAM of the SISTER OF THE PRECIOUS BLOOD, signed on in support of the Obominations health (abortion) bill, read it and weep for the polyester nighmares.

And these types wonder why there is an Apostolic Visitation, to quote a wise sage, DUH
You are complicit in the murder of millions to come, all of whom will never have the chance to enjoy you precious SOCIAL JUSTICE CRAP, because they are DEAD. I believe the article below mey be the reason however misguided these former Holy Women have sided with Satan, may God have mercy on them, read and comment

The Egyptian

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why Nuns Support ObamaCare

59,000 nuns support ObamaCare, in the calm, cool ignorance that they will be the first ones up against the wall when the revolution comes.

Why would 59,000 nuns support ObamaCare in defiance of the USCCB?
The answer is simple really.

Most of the liberal orders of nuns are dying.

Nobody in these orders is under 60 years of age.
None of these orders have paid into Social Security, unemployment or Medicare/Medicaid.

They are due absolutely no government benefits.
In most cases, the dioceses aren't going to help them much, if at all.
Apart from those nuns who managed to earn a diocesan retirement because they worked in a diocese for awhile, no diocese has any financial obligation towards a member of a religious order.
Religious orders are supposed to take care of their own.

Now, in the past this worked out because the fresh blood coming in at the bottom would find employment somewhere in the Church and provide the necessary funds to keep open the religious orders' retirement homes. This cycle works great when you have a steady stream of young postulants, novices, etc.

Unfortunately, there aren't any new vocations in the liberal orders. Their old revenue stream is now as dry as the wombs of most of the post-menopausal Wicca worshippers; it's as out-of-date as the 1970's pantsuits that are their new traditional habit.

The truly sad thing is, some of the nuns trapped in these orders are still faithful to the Church - their order has just been destroyed by the Powers That Be(tm) who run their lives.

The rain fails to fall on both the just and the unjust.

In any case, every nun in every one of these dying orders is VERY worried about her retirement.

After a year of staring at the ticking clock on the wall, the same wall that Barack, Nancy and Harry have been running their heads into for the last year, the nuns are scared to death.

What if ObamaCare doesn't pass?

It's a positive nightmare.

From their point of view, government-run health care is their only ticket to a trouble-free old age. If they don't throw their weight aboard now, the train might never leave the station. So, they've climbed out and have begun to push.

They don't really give a damn about the women who will be injured by abortion or the children who will die as a result. Those young girls - both the girls in the womb and the women carrying them - were never going to join their Magic Circle novitiate anyhow. To hell with them.

What these Kumbaya creatures don't realize - or don't want to know - is that ObamaCare intends on solving the Medicare gap by euthanizing old people. Sister Sillypants had her fingers in her ears when Obama talked about euthanizing his own grandmother.

Obama is her only hope, and she has to count on likely dying before he gets the euthanasia panels fully operating. Or at least she can look forward to three hots and a cot while she waits for the pillow over her face.

So that's the great irony of the thing.

These nuns REALLY WILL be the first ones up against the wall.
And, deep in their hearts, they know it.
But now that they've given up on Christ, Obama is the only source of hope they have.
If they abandon him, to whom will they go?

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