Friday, April 23, 2010

In honor of Marx's Birthday err, sorry, Earth Day

You did know that Earth Day is on Carl Marx birthday didn't you? I believe on purpose, to vilify capitalism and catholic and Christian belief. I mean, really, the first video shows Earth Firsters acting out their pagan religion. Marx would be proud. The second is a hoot but only makes sense if you watch the first one, puts the Tree worshipers in their place, enjoy.
The Egyptian
ps. I agree with the elm tree


John Francis Borra said...

Egypt Man, this is a hoot!! I knew the rad environMENTAL movement was bent, but this takes it to a whole new level!! Thanks for sharing!

priest's wife said...

hahaha (and I love trees- just don't worship them)

kkollwitz said...

This is near Asheville NC, just up the road from Greenville, SC. Asheville started going "alternative" about 20 years ago. One of the deacons here has a cousin who is involved in this tree business.

To get another look at the Asheville scene, check out the drum circle on YouTube.