Sunday, December 23, 2007

bet you don't see this very often, this is under the main chapel of Saint Charles Seminary, Motherhouse of the Society of the Precious Blood, pre Vatican II priests said individual masses each day, since this was a working seminary, with over 30 priest and over 100 students in residence, the retired priests that live here today said it was like O'Hare on a bad day, seminarians were on call 24-7 to act as servers, since Vatican II, priests concelebrate mass so this area is vacant. the entire facility was wreckmodeled shortly before Vatican II, hence all the Marble, still the prayer cards are in the pictures


A Simple Sinner said...

These altars will be restored... You will see this again.

the Egyptian said...

Im afraid not here, the Society has converted the Seminary into a retirement home for priests including a hospital wing where the classrooms used to be and the main building has been remodeled into 1 and 2 bedroom apartments for retired lay catholics. all the money that earlier generations poured into this facility is forgotten............oh well

A Simple Sinner said...

Maybe there, maybe somewhere else.

Trust in Providence

Merry Christmas

Kyle Gase said...

Very awesome picture. Awesome blog as well....I had the chance to drive thru Mercer county this past summer and I just couldn't believe all the churches I saw! No matter which way I turned my head, I saw a Catholic church.

We used to have the Missionaries at my parish....sure do miss them.