Sunday, December 30, 2007

Home Church

Here is the reason I guess I started this blog, the love of old rural churches and the people that inhabit them this is my family parish, how many can say that today? The church grounds were donated by my Great-Great-Grandfather Johann Adelhard (Alard) Osterloh, from the original homestead, see the accompaning scan from a parish history, by Fr. David Hoying click on the text to enlarge . the window is one of the ones that I spent countless Sundays studing as a child, still believe they are the most beautiful in the area. The parish still survives as a sister paris of St Augustine, in Minster, sharing a priest, following are some pictures from various parish histories also included are some pictures of the interior before Vatican II and some current, unfortunately cannot locate any from my youth maybe later.

somebody please tell me how to move the pictures and text around to get them to stay put were I want them

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Jeffrey Smith said...

Trial and error, I'm afraid. If an old Luddite like me could figure it out, anyone can.
You're really providing a useful service by doing this blog. Keep it up. You might even want to get a digital camera and start taking pictures yourself. I can vouch for church photography being a very rewarding hobby.
That tower's very good, but looks like it was added later. Any idea when?
One other item. There's an Egypt, Pennsylvania, too. I had ancestors there about 250 years ago.