Monday, May 18, 2009

the difference, abortion vs capital punishment

This Priest has got it down pat

The Egyptian

This interview today with Fr. Jonathon Morris on FOX News was exceptional.
Fr. Morris differentiated the views of the Catholic Church on abortion versus capital punishment. Fr.Morris also explained the Church's stand on abortion and how Obama is the most radical pro-abortion president in history:

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Anonymous said...

this is not exactly a well-constructed explanation that differentiates abortion and capital punishment, as much as air-time for a religious institution's fairly archaeic/ever un-evolving adherence to doctrine. It's not based in committed understanding/love of life and its complexities, or at the least, promote tolerance of other's lives outside of the Catholic Church's chosen moral code. Nor importantly does it address the very real problem that human beings can not simply reproduce innumerably, nor should that be a goal. The absolute raging numbers of births does not improve the quality of lives of whom I imagine the Catholic Church would like to touch, in fact it makes them harder. Something I have come to consider is the relationship of human beings as individuals with God. What offense may a God I would believe in take at the declination to use all the mental and emotional faculties God has given each of us to face the complex ethical situations of this life? Righteous.