Wednesday, June 17, 2009

FLYING CRAP ALERT, I feel a rant comming on

this has been building up for a while, sooooooooooo, duck here it comes, straight from the horses you know what ;>)

If I hear the garbage about how we are now a horizontal church instead of vertical one much more, I will hurt somone, yes we have become horizontal, the priest preforming for the people facing him with no room for God between them, instead of reaching up and out, all facing to God we are reaching out to each other, we don't see the Altar and the statues and candles and vestments, all we see is the priest preparing a meal and we treat it as such.

When is the last time you have seen someone abstain from communion or have yourself stayed in the pew because you have felt not worthy and need confession first, instead of just going up for a bite and a drink, worse if you would the looks you'd get would be incredible , (who did he just murder, does his wife know) I really think that needing all the extra distributors is a sign of how bad it really is . I see young people and some adults with their hands in their pockets or folded bouncing off their thighs as they walk, looks like a damn soup line.

I believe that if we restore the dignity of the old mass and properly train MALE servers and turn them into an exclusive group with ranks to earn, we will in turn see more vocations. Stop deluding the girls, they CANNOT be priests, period, train up the boys and watch the difference. Young boys duck out when the girls show up, yes the girls are easier to train, so what, the boys need the attention, if it is difficult the boys will step up, they love a challenge, the N.O. mass is a cinch to learn, it is not a challenge.

Whew that is the most I have typed in years, good to get it off my chest, now tear into it folks ;>)

The Egyptian

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April H said...

I agree that girls should not be servers. Our kids are 11,7,5, and 2. The girls (11 and 2) will not be servers. It just doesn't seem right to have them up there. And you're right, having girls as servers will drive the boys away. And another pet peeve, can the servers please wear proper shoes and not flip-flops? Am I asking too much?