Thursday, October 15, 2009

Carthagena, St Charles Seminary

Joyfully picked from the The Catholic Telegraph Photography Project,
This is what I mean, this chapel was beautiful but the "wreckovation" turn it into a cold sterile empty hall with no beauty whatsoever. ( personally I think it is butt ugly) Wonder if there are any photos of it in color, the art work must have been incredible. Fr Troust was a great artist and the idea of his work being destroyed just angers me.

The Egyptian

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Jubilee at Carthagena

1961: “The seeds of religious vocations, nurtured at St. Charles’ Seminary, Carthagena, have produced more than 700 priests over the past 100 years. This month, as the Precious Blood Fathers’ major seminary observes its centenary, it can point to its ‘graduates’ at work in 21 states and in South America. To meet the demands of a growing religious society, St. Charles’ Seminary recently completed a construction program.

“Before and after pictures show the chapel as it was before its renovation, above, and after its renovation. The ornate decorations in [the top] picture were the work of a seminary rector, Father Paulinus Trost, a talented painter. He drew his own image on a mural depicting Purgatory on the sanctuary walls. The renovated chapel [below] stresses the theme, "Blood of Jesus—Center of Earthly and Heavenly Liturgy." The figure of Christ dominates the mosaic behind the altar, which emphasizes the theme of the Precious Blood in the life of the Mystical Body. The chapel also has an imposing stained glass window honoring the Assumption. The new organ, placed in the sanctuary, contains 1,600 pipes, arranged in a series, from 16 feet high down to the size of a pencil.” (See The Catholic Telegraph-Register, October 6, 1961)


April said...

I haven't visited St. Charles, but after seeing the "after" photo, I can see that I need not bother.

Now the "before" photo, that is a chapel worthy of a pilgrimage.

It is a hideous shame what they did to "modernize" Catholic churches. My grandfather's church (St. Patrick in St. Patrick) received the same treatment. It is incredible to see photos of how beautiful it was before. The church was demolished a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Satanic destruction of a once-heavenly church.