Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nice Picture

More from the Catholic Telegraph
Grandfather of a friend of mine, he was very talented with his hands and it seems to carry on through the next several generations.

The Egyptian

P.S. Isn't it nice to at least SEE a picture of a Sister in a habit instead of a polyester nightmare, the Sisters used to mean so much and now they have made themselves disappear into irrelevance

Statue Donated

1963: “Statue of St. Joseph the Worker, carved from wood by Frank Dahlinghaus of St. Joseph's parish, Egypt, has been donated to the Sisters of the Precious Blood at the new Maria Stein Retreat House. With the statue here are Mother Mary Nathalia of the retreat house and Dahlinghaus. The sculptor, who owns and operates a poultry farm at Minster, Route 1, describes himself as a "whittler." Besides the contemporary-style statue of St. Joseph, he has carved several other statues and a wide variety of intricate objects. One of these is a wooden bird perched inside a wooden cage, all carved from a single block. In making the statue of St. Joseph, Dahlinghaus included a carpenter's box containing a variety of carved small wooden tools. (The Catholic Telegraph, August 9, 1963)

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