Monday, March 11, 2013

But they won't be lib religion hating leftist progressives like us

from the blog of Ann Althouse

Clueless, totally CLUELESS, almost painful to hear, realizing that contracepting aborting  libs are facing the biological solution


Daily Beast writers Harry Siegel and Allison Yarrow get the vapors over the possibility that conservative religion...

... might be the only viable solution to America's low birth rate problem. They get the vapors, they might be vapid, and Harry vapes.

Listen to the desperation as they sidetrack into the topic of whether the children of conservative religionists will veer into decently acceptable liberalism (and become... tattoo artists!). They never return to the issue of whether religion is needed to keep the population going into the future. If the offspring don't maintain the conservative values that caused their parents to have children, how do you get the next generation?

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