Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Small town, Small farm America

A local young farmer, Brad , 22 , Skip to his friends, was killed in a farm accident at home when a forklift removing a disabled skid loader off a truck tipped and pinned him, he was a classmate of my eldest daughter . His father Paul lost his wife to cancer 4 years ago and just 3 weeks ago remarried another farm widow of 8 years, the poor man is despondent, the whole family is in my prayers. After the funeral mass at Precious Blood Catholic Church, (held there because his home church could not hold the crowd), the procession to the cemetery at St Sebastian Parish was greeted by a show of support by the local young farmers association, they have been doing this every time one of their own is claimed by an accident, I drove through shortly before Mass left out, and took these pictures. The combine has his football jersey in the window. I cried my eyes out as I left. Only in small town, small farm America

The Egyptian


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