Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wedding Mess

two pics from a wedding "mess" that I and the Better Half attended,in Cincinnati. This is a "Catholic" church?, Honestly I was offended, looked more like one of several protestant churches-halls I have been in over the years. Looks like a civic building on the outside and when you enter you see rows of class rooms and offices, even a health clinic, finally a set of crappy modern art brass doors and then you see--? I mean really, the Priest cracked a joke when the Bride stumbled on the steps, his sermon was a Broadway tune accompanied by the pianist, he explained to us folks from the northern part of the diocese that he didn't use "servers" because he felt it demeaning to make anyone wait on him, the tabernacle was in the sacristy, and there was a small Madonna statue, with some kind of sculpture of glass filled with colored water in front of her off in a corner on a ledge, St Joesph, off on a mission I guess. Saddest part to me was the reaction of the older parishioners from back home, "How delightful and original, modern, refreshing", I personally thought it blasphemous, it seems that the over 60 crowd will like anything that is not orthodox.

Next morning The Better Half and I attended a Latin Low Mass in a old downtown church, my first since my childhood, and my wife, (a convert) has never been to one, I fell in love with it, quiet, reverent, no happy-clappy, hand holding crap, good singing by the choir, the Priest gave one of the best sermons I have heard in years on the third commandment, an installment of his series on the 10 commandments, no mention of obscure modern authors, just plain clear theology and to the point, said more in four minuets than most get out in ten. Communion at the rail, what a wonderful thing, My other half didn't quite know what to make of it, Oh well


ShariYS said...

Mr. Osterloh, or member of the Osterloh family -- if you liked (ehh) that civic auditorium church in Cincinnati, you ought to try Little Flower in Toledo. Do it now, while the gas is cheap.

The 60-somethings here *don't* necessary like anything that's ultramodern (read: sterile, uninviting). That goes for liturgy also. A local central-city historic church, 150 years old, does a Latin Mass every week and they pack the place -- one of the most well-attended in the diocese.

Christopher said...

Id Like to see the document stating that a 60 foot video screen is to be put in the sanctuary

Im Glad this will all be coming to an end.

Nice Blog!

Another point of view! said...

As I look at this, I keep expecting Jimmy Swaggart to come prancing onto the stage.

W. Schrift said...

Wow, that altar server bit - that's one I've never heard before.

God bless the Traditional Mass and the priests who offer it, pro cura animarum.

Mark said...

I ran across your blog over at Lost Lambs....thought I would say hello.

Anonymous said...

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