Saturday, January 10, 2009

St Augustine, Christmas Crib

Some late Christmas Decoration pictures, St Augustine, Minster. Nice Crib, fitting for so large a church, they still have their rail only because the marble floor would cost a fortune to patch or replace

nice use of poinsettias, since Christ has been shunted off to a side altar the flowers highlight the "presiders chair" funny how the Presider is now elevated higher that Jesus, and front and center too boot

A seldom seen view from the rear of St Augustine, from the parking lot, just left a funeral, which is when I got the pictures

The Twin Spires are a landmark, they look impressive as they are lit at night. Local pilots look for them as a landmark as they approach either Lake field, Mercer county airport, Celina or Neil Armstrong , Auglaize county airport, New Knoxville. St Augustine is the "mother church" that most of the churches in southern Auglaize and Mercer C0unty's can trace their heritage from

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