Saturday, January 31, 2009

Boy the Libs will LOVE This

Remember, Papa Ratzinger helped write many of the documents of VII, even He says they were not viewed in the light of Tradition and have been used for erroneous purposes and ends

*NEWS FLASH! Vatican 2 is Not a Dogma of Faith

By Fr LW Gonzales On January 25th, 2009

What will the SSPX have to do?
“Vatican II is not a dogma of Faith,” Roman sources say

In her article on six questions related to the Decree which remitted the sanction of excommunication of the four bishops of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX), the Vatican correspondent for French newspaper La Croix (the Catholic-owned daily), Isabelle de Gaulmyn includes some well-known facts.

However, there is some new information in the text, which we present below.

1. Possible news conference by Cardinal Castrillón:

“This week, Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, president of the Ecclesia Dei Commission, which is in charge of this reintegration, should explain it [the future possibilities] publicly to the press.”

2. Letter of Cardinal Bertone. Regarding the question on whether this “reintegration encompasses an acknowledgment of the teachings of Vatican II”, De Gaulmyn reveals that the decree was the object of a letter sent by the Secretary of State, Cardinal Bertone, to Curial authorities:

“This is the whole problem. The decree published on Saturday does not speak of Vatican II, but it evokes indirectly the ‘problem posed at the origin’. Not more than, according to our information, the letter sent by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone to the authorities of the Curia, in which he makes this gesture known.”

3. So, what about Vatican II? At least for the moment there does not seem to be any desire from those responsible for the discussions on the Vatican side to demand from the SSPX the express acceptance of one specific Council (the Second Vatican Council or, for instance, the First Lyon Council), since they may all be implicitly included in more generic expressions. In the words of De Gaulmyn:

“The refusal of the teachings of the Council is the true cause of the rupture of the Integrists. For the constitution of the Institute of the Good Shepherd [IBP] by former members of the Fraternity, in 2006, its members explicitly vowed ‘to have a positive attitude of study and communication with the Apostolic See, avoiding all controversy, (…) regarding certain points taught by the Second Vatican Council or regarding subsequent reforms of the liturgy and of the law, and which seem to us hardly reconcilable with Tradition.’

“Nothing of the sort this time, according to our sources: ‘Vatican II is not a dogma of faith’, they say. From the moment in which the bishops and priests of the Fraternity recognize the Church, and the Magisterium of the Pope, that will suffice as an implicit acknowledgment.”

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Kurt H said...

Five observations:

1. Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) attended the Second Vatican Council as a peritus (theological consultant) for Joseph Cardinal Frings of Cologne.

2. I would beware of relying to much upon unnamed sources within the Vatican.

3. While they might not be required to explicitly accept all of the teachings of the Council, they might still be required not to explicitly reject those same teachings.

4. When we talk about acceptance or rejection of the Council, we're really talking about the documents of the Council.

5. For full reunion, these schismatic groups will still need to submit to the authority of the Pope as the successor of St. Peter.