Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas at Egypt

some late Christmas pictures, St Joesph, Egypt, rhe original set from my youth covered the entire St Joesph altar, went nearly to the ceiling with mountains and trees, dozens of animals and Shepherds. our new priest in the 1970's announced that the display was a distraction from the altar (and Him) so in the spirit of V II he burned the display except for the wood manger and some of the figures, and set it in front of the altar, Egypt also has a beautiful window portraying the annunciation, fitting for the Christmas season, The windows at St Joesph, seem so rich in color and shading, so many church windows seem so washed out, I don't know why maybe I'm just biased


Russ Martin (AKA "The Online Guy") said...

"Burned the display except for the wood manger and some of the figures..." What a horrible shame that so much history should be discarded so lightly and wastefully. Did No One Protest?

the Egyptian said...


we were reminded regularly that he was sent here to close the parish, "when I go this parish will close", that excuse was used a lot. at one time he wanted to remove all the statues, Altars and choir loft and turn it into a church in the round (GAG), then we had confirmation, some one must have talked to Bishop Elko, in his sermon he commented "how nice it is to be back in a beautiful country church with all the wonderful statues, well kept old Altars and the choir singing so nicely from a loft where they belonged, and the stations of the cross, so prominent". Fr never brought up remodeling again. however he would not allow any repainting or maintenance, claimed it was a waste of money for a parish that was to close when he left, so the parish was at a standstill, the crib was his retribution I guess, but it is still open so WE WON.