Saturday, March 21, 2009

FSSP gets it right and takes the Holy Fathers back

from Ulster Taig

At least some one has the hangy down things to stand up and defend the Holy Father and expose the truth, mark up another one for the Traditionalists, all the libs are too busy worrying about peace and justice to see ( or care) that their General is being attacked, popularity is more important than reality, lets all just hug and kiss and it'll all get better, Bullcrap !!!!

The Egyptian

Friday, March 20, 2009

FSSP France responds to politicians

In response to the recent attacks on Pope Benedict for his recent restatement of Catholic doctrine on condoms, the French District of the Fraternity of St Peter has issued a robust defence of the Holy Father and the reasoning behind his approach to AIDS prevention:

During the first prevention campaigns against AIDS, one of repeated slogans assured: "The condom protects against everything, everything except love".

By daring to say that the condom is not a solution but that it may even aggravate the spread of the problem, the Pope has simply told the truth.

It is recognized that when it comes to the subject of contraception, condoms are far from being 100% effective. How could they then then be a barrier against AIDS?

It is criminal to believe that the use of condoms truly protects against contamination. How many of our young people have fallen into the disease when they believed they were being protected "against everything, everything except love". Would they have adopted the same behaviour if they'd known that the condom only diminishes the risks of contamination during sexual intercourse? If they had understand the repetition of so-called protected experiences was nothing other than a form of 'Russian Roulette'?

French politicians before howling with the wolves against Benedict XVI should remember the blood contamination scandal: at that time the public authorities closed their eyes in knowing of a marginal risk of infection. But after this marginal risk, there were a good number of people dead.

In the face of a risk of being poisoned to death or transmit the cause of death, the only responsible discourse is the one that tells the truth, all the truth, that does not hide the risks and which remembers that only abstinence and fidelity are the only ways of fighting AIDS. In an era where one glosses so much on the 'precautionary principle' in the context of supposed nuisances for public health, should that not also apply in a case as serious as AIDS?

One ought not play with the lives of men. One ought not create a false sentiment of security by deceptive propaganda which trains people to adopt an ultimately suicidal as 'at risk'. One ought not play with moral and physical health of young people who totally ignore the shortcomings of condoms. On the contrary, one must educate them with a sense of responsibility.

If tomorrow the victims of AIDS who had contracted it through the use of condoms turn against the Ministry of Health, that would only be fair.

Those who lecture the Pope should be wary of a possible 'boomerang' effect of their murder charge.

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