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us women progressivist religious defy vatican visitation

I hope not, but am not certain that the additude expressed below would come from the orders in our area, the apostolic vistors will have their work cut out for them

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The Egyptian

Typical of the shrill dissent sadly … nay rather tragically emanating from many groups of women religious in the United States, some of the liberated religious gals are going to resist the announced Visitation.

The is from the excellent Catholic Keys, blog of the newspaper of the Diocese of Kansas City.

Monday, March 2, 2009

"Non-violent" Resistance Against Visitation Urged

A private email from IHM Sister Sandra M. Schneiders has been posted with her permission at NCReporter. In it, she urges "non-violent resistance" to the Vatican’s Apostolic Visitation of Women Religious in the United States, excerpt:
We cannot, of course, keep them from investigating. But we can receive them, politely and kindly, for what they are, uninvited guests who should be received in the parlor, not given the run of the house. When people ask questions they shouldn’t ask, the questions should be answered accordingly. I just hope we will not, as we American Religious so often do, think that by total "openness" and efforts to "dialogue" we are going to bring about mutual understanding and acceptance. This is not mutual and it is not a dialogue. The investigators are not coming to understand [True enough. I think they already understand Earth Mother Goddess worship, walking the labyrinth, and enneagram spirituality. Just a guess.] – believe me, we found that out in the seminary investigation. So let’s be honest but reserved, supply no ammunition that can be aimed at us, be non-violent even in the face of violence, [Oh brother. What a drama queen.] but not be naive. Non-violent resistance is what finally works as we’ve found out in so many arenas. . .

. . .We are really no longer "Congregations dedicated to works of the apostolate" – that is, monastic communities whose members "go out" to do institutionalized works basically assigned by the hierarchy as an extension of their agendas, e.g., in Catholic schools and hospitals, etc. . . .

. . .This is a fake war being stirred up by the Vatican at the instigation of the frightened. . . . [You know… if occurs to me that, with the shift of demographics, this doesn’t have any effect on many people any more. Ho huh… buzz words from the past.]

Meanwhile, Mother Clare Millea, appointed by the Vatican to conduct the visitation, sounds a more pacific tone in a Feb. 20 letter to Superiors (pdf), excerpt:
As this Visitation continues, I become more convinced that it is a wonderful expression of the Church’s concern and support for religious life in America. I have received many communications from clergy, religious and laity who, grateful for the outstanding and sometimes hidden contributions religious women have made and continue to make, have pledged their prayerful support of the Visitation. Let us all continue to pray that it may promote the vitality of our communities, that we may be ever more faithful witnesses to the Word and instruments of true communion in the Church.

It seems a very good idea to pray for Mother Clare and all involved in the Apostolic Visitation. In fact, Sister Eva-Maria Ackerman has set up an "Apostolic Visitation Prayer Support" group on Facebook. Click here to join if you’re a member

Since I probably don’t do enough penance in life, stuff like this make me wish that I were one of the "visitors".


my comment

I can see it now, the knock on the door, it creaks open, the nunpriestess clutching her statue of the green godess, dressed in her tie dyed pretend vestments, shrieking in a husky voice, oh my goddess its them. We are ordained wymnpriests of the catholic church, ordained by a jewish rabbi and a unitaritan minster, you may not come in. A few flicks of Holy Water and we hear cries of, "I'm melting' I'm melting.

The Egyptian

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