Friday, March 27, 2009

TLMs are not hard for the young… on the contrary

Some day maybe here, Many more are interested than the deanery knows about I am sure.
I call again, any one interested in a Latin Mass Society in Southern Mercer County?
Really as far as I can count from the Deanery site there are 38 Sunday and 17 Saturday night Masses, would it be so terrible to have one of the in the Extraordinary Form, would it kill the Bishop, actually Pope Benedict took it out of his hands anyway, so how about ?

The Egyptian

Lovingly swiped from Fr. John Zuhlsdorf's WDTPRS

We all know… especially the liberals know… that the young take to the TLM like little ducks to water.

It is amazing how quickly boys can learn the Latin responses with some coaching and a good example. They like serving the TLM, with its clear structure.

Taking a cue from the grownups, they know they are doing something important and they revel in it.

A reader sent an interesting note (edited):

While news from South Africa has not been encouraging perhaps you would consider posting this story.

While some in SA are finding minor liturgical changes difficult, two young boys from the inner-city have started serving the Traditional Latin Mass. The boys only saw the TLM for the first time recently. But from that time they have been very eager to learn to serve the "old" Mass. Their mother made sure that the boys practiced their Latin at home and very soon they were word perfect.

The boys worked very hard never missing a single practice. They are now eager to learn more about the mass, continue with further server training and have even expressed an interest in learning a bit of Latin.

It would be a great encouragement to the boys and the cathedral faithful if your readers would send them congratulations and good wishes either in your comment box or at
I remember some years ago a reader of my articles in The Wanderer and the blog sent me a book to read… which he wanted back!... a book for boys, actually… about a cadre of altar boys in a parish in, perhaps, the 1930’s – my memory isn’t clear.

I wish I could remember the title. It would be perfect for a reprint project.

From what I have seen in parishes on two continents, the TLM and formation of young men in good things, discipline and especially the virtue of religion, are a strong match.

We should give young men a fighting chance to acquire the virtue of religion in this age of the war on boys and manhood.

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Kurt H said...

Unfortunately, it seems that I would be one of the ones in need of some coaching. I attended an ordinary form mass on Friday in which the Sanctus and Agnus Dei were sung in Latin. The Agnus Dei is pretty simple, and I was able to manage, but I was completely lost during the Sanctus.

FWIW, I think that you would have loved Fr. David Zink's homily.